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Kids sport sets

Brand: Roly Model: 224/30
Kids tracksuit Nr. 224/30Combined tracksuit with jacket and trousers250 g/m²100% Polyester-Jacket with ranglan sleeve-Two side pockets in jacket-Inverted zipper with sealing effect-Ribbed collar, cuffs and waist-Straight cut trousers-Two side pockets-Elastic waist and adjustable drawstring.Size:&nbs..
Ex Tax:24.16€
Brand: Roly Model: 224/31
Kids tracksuit Nr. 224/31250 g/m²100% Polyester- Straight sleeve jacket.- Two side pockets in jacket.- Inverted zipper with sealing effect.- Ribbed in collar, cuffs and waist.- Straight cut trousers.- Two side pockets in trousers.- Elastic waist and adjustable drawstring.Size:  152 cm ..
Ex Tax:23.90€
Brand: Roly Model: 224/32
Kids tracksuit Nr. 224/32210 g/m²100% Polyester           -High collar with zip protector.-Front pockets ribbed to contrast.-Cuffs and waist to contrast 1x1 rib.-Central zip with covered seams.-Trouser with elastic waistband and adjustable drawcord with safety stitching..
Ex Tax:21.67€
Brand: Roly Model: 224/36
Sport set Nr. 224/36140 g/m²100% Polyester-Insertions to contrast.-T-shirt for the second team.    Size:  152 cm  (For other sizes, please contact)Prices for wholesale orders (over 10 pieces) are calculated individually...
Ex Tax:20.15€
Brand: Roly Model: 224/37
Sport set Nr. 224/37140 g/m²100% Polyester-T-shirts with printed semi-ranglan sleeves.-Crew neck with tricot on the back.-The colour of the second t-shirt is composed in the opposite way.-Elastic waistband trousers with inner drawstring to tone with security stitching.-Side contrast band and side op..
Ex Tax:20.15€
Brand: Roly Model: 224/40
Sport set Nr. 224/40140 g/m²100% Polyester-T-shirt with ranglan sleeve.-Stitches to contrast in t-shirt and trouser.    Size:  146 cm, 152 cm  (For other sizes, please contact)Prices for wholesale orders (over 10 pieces) are calculated individually...
Ex Tax:15.20€
Brand: Roly Model: 232/11
Sport set Nr. 232/11140 g/m²100% Polyester-T-shirt with collar and opening by snap.-The inner of the sleeve in breathable fabric.-Side panels and upper sleeve band in Control Dry fabric.-Shorts with adjustable waistband and laces.-Inner part of the leg and rib to contrast in Control Dry fabric. ..
Ex Tax:20.30€
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